Founded by award-winning master artist Heather Spataro-Courson in 1997, Spataro Precision Aesthetics is one of the most respected makeup artistry services in West Michigan



In the begining...

I have been obsessed with makeup ever since I was about 4 years old. My first memories are that of watching my mother get ready for the day, or for an evening event. I would sit on the edge of the tub, and stare up at her, mesmerized. Watching her apply mascara was my favorite; seeing how the black stuff in that little Black and Gold Maybelline tube lengthened and enhanced her already long lashes was just incredible. I learned so much from just watching her. I couldn't wait till I was old enough to actually wear it outside of "Dress up" time. As one can imagine, Halloween was always my favorite (still is).

My mother wasn’t the only influence in my career path.  My father, a former professor at the local Community College, has his Doctorate in Philosophy and Theater. For 45 years he taught and directed plays and even began an Acting for T.V. and Film course. I had the privilege to be able to spend countless hours back stage in the dressing rooms, watching actors ready themselves with contour and over exaggerated lines. I asked questions and was a sponge.

In Jr. High and High School is where the idea of my becoming a makeup artist actually began. Friends and school mates would pay me to do their makeup in the bathroom at the beginning of the day, or for dances and school pep rallies.  I never really got involved in the Theater program at my school (which I regret) but even being in Choir, talent shows and Cheerleading, the art of makeup was still ever present in my life as a performer. I created my first business card at the age of 17 and from there started my professional career.