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"Heather prides herself in being completely prepared on set. It astounds me at times what all she has available in her kit. Whether it's a personal need of an actor or fellow crew member or even wardrobe/set problem solving she will always have the back of anyone on set with her extensive and creative box of tricks!"

-Andrew Van den Houten;

Director and CEO of 79th & Broadway Entertainment

"Heather's knowledge and passion within the world of cosmetic artistry is beyond compare. Her expertise and impeccable professionalism places her at the top of her craft."

-Michigan Beauty Review 2005



"I am incredibly impressed with your preparedness!"

-Oprah Winfry 2017

When working closely with the director and production team, Heather finds it to be a great honor to play such an important role in bringing a story to life. Weather it's the magic of working on a major movie set or assisting a company with putting their best face forward...she loves every moment! She has had the great privilege of working with countless actors and actresses over the course of her 20 years including several of celebrity status. She prides her self in her discretion as well as her utmost attention to the talents needs. Heather provides an extensive set and hair laying kit as well as offers options for on-site/mobile rentals including; makeup tent, generators, heating and cooling units, etc... To inquire on Heather's availability, obtain a copy of her resume or request a rates sheet; please CLICK HERE and indicate your needs.


"Heather's abilities far exceeded my expectations for someone so new to the Micropigmentation side of the beauty business! She was very perceptive to my concerns and executed all procedures masterfully. I'm just thrilled at how everything turned out! Due to her years of makeup artistry experience, I have no doubt she will dominate this industry with her keen eye and natural talent."

- MERCEDES Johnston 2015


Heather has been focusing her training the past 3 years to specialize in both cosmetic and restorative Micropigmention. She has been practicing and perfecting her expert technique in creating realistic eyebrows with hair-like strokes. Weather it be cosmetic or permanent, she has dedicated her life’s work to providing clients with compassionate care, a keen eye and an artistic, individualized solution to address their aesthetic concerns.

After several years of apprenticing and training she will be finalizing her licensing in Summer 2018 at which time she will begin to accept clients at a temporary, reputable location.

The service Heather provides IS NOT Microblading. She uses only the best of Digital and Traditional Machines to implant the pigment into the skin. This technique is less invasive & less traumatic to the skin. Microblading IS a form of Permanent Makeup just a different, less desirable method of implanting the pigment.

*NOTE: Images below are not of Heather's work. As she begins to build S.P.A (Spataro Precision Aesthetics) as a semi-separate entity, please stay tuned for links to a completely separate section to this site which will include photos of her work, studio location, certifications, list of procedures offered as well as important care information and booking availability. Thank you for your patients as she eases into this new, exciting endeavor.


"Working with Heather for the past decade has been a fantastic experience! She combines the highest level of professionalism with an amazing skill and talent in makeup application and overall styling.Whether working on a planned formatted project or a free-flowing creative endeavor, I have never once doubted Heather’s ability to step up to the task and completely blow me away with her work. She is an immaculate artist, a positive member of any team she joins, and a dear friend."

- Roland Capulet 2011

No editorial shoot or fashion event can happen with out the masterful touch of a makeup artist. Heather loves the challenge of helping designers and photographers develop a mood and tell a story with her artistry. Creation of a fictional reality or simply showcasing a product/ brand is one of Heather's fortes. 

If you are interested in hiring Heather to help bring to life your next artistic concept, CLICK HERE.

"Her flawless hand application over my old acne scarring gave me the confidence to walk that isle and feel beautiful for the first time in my life. Her skills as a Makeup artist (and my personal assistant for the day) as well as her vibrant personality made my wedding experience unforgettable."

- Alicia Kingston 2014



Makeup on your wedding day is all about personal style and a flawless presentation. However, looking your best on your wedding day doesn’t have to break your budget regardless of what you may read in the magazines. Heather prides herself deeply in offering unique services and reasonable rates which reflect her beliefs surrounding the wedding/bridal industry's unattainable “cost standard”. Her lower rates however do not detract from her sheer precision, talent and decades of expertise. 

“Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and pampered on her wedding day. I refuse to have rates which are so unaffordable that a bride is forced to have mediocrity on one of the most important days in a her life”.

It has been her honor to serve 486 brides and bridal members in her 20 years as a professional makeup artist and looks forward to proudly serving many more. If you are interested in having Heather be a part of your exquisite day, CLICK HERE for her beyond compare services, rates and rentals.


"Heather has an all inclusive eye for the creation of an image. She comes to the table completely prepared. She lays out a full vision (to which, in many cases, she fully executes herself) including wardrobe, hair, makeup and in some cases special effects. Time after time I've seen her use her talents to turn nothing into something extraordinary! Her talents exceed any other makeup artist I've ever worked with. From concept to final print, Heather's work is top notch."

- Clarion Duval; Photographer

With out a doubt, one of Heather's favorite and most thrilling aspects of her artistry is the ability to bring costumes and exciting concept art to life. From concept to completion, her knack for organization and great detail are just a few of the qualities which place her in such high regard. When it comes to her clients' costume creations, Heather has been credited with 48 first place winners and boasts several personal 1st place winning entries including the highly publicized Lady Gaga contest in 2012 where she and highly acclaimed photographer, Scott Story, wowed with not 1 but 4 impeccable Gaga recreations which landed their image on the front cover of Recoil Magazine!

If you are interested in having Heather bring your costume or concept to life, please CLICK HERE to inquire.